How We Work

To bring about the change we want in Busia and Eastern Uganda, we have devised different strategies to ensure that we keep more girls in school in school and ensure the female youth at home engaged and employed.

No Pad, No hygiene, No school

Girls Tomorrow Initiative works with other partners to provide feminine hygiene education and reusable pads to girls of Busia district. Around the world, many girls still face discrimination during their periods. In Africa every 1 girl in 28 misses school when in their periods.

In Uganda, 28 per cent of girls don’t go to school when they have their period, which accounts for 20 per cent of whole school year.

We are working to ensure every girl in Busia gets a reusable pad and access to quality menstrual health and hygiene education to enable them stay in school.

We are partnering with single mothers to produce reusable sanitary towels

School Campaigns/Sensitization

We work with schools, communities in and out of Busia to do local visits and get to talk to Girls, educating them about the dangers of early marriages and school dropouts.

62 million girls are not in school for reasons like marriage, sacrifice to do clerical jobs to support their families, hygiene, and pressure to leave school and join bad groups, financial constraints and poverty.

Of the 62 million, about 48 million are found in Sub Saharan Africa with Uganda having the highest rates of School dropouts in East Africa.

Healthy Girl for Tomorrow

Adopt a Girl for Tomorrow – skills exchange

Technology for the Tomorrow Girl

Girls for the Environment

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Volunteer/Partner with us

Are you looking to change the world, Are you passionate about creating Girls for Tomorrow? Join us today and let us be change we want in the world. You can join us in various ways


Do you want to help a community by offering services? Volunteering with Girl Tomorrow gives you a touch of the local community, an opportunity to work with different cultures and set up systems that you would be proud of but also accomplishments that will live with you forever.

Partner with Us :

Are you interested to work with us? We are interested in partnerships of all kinds. We are not limited to anything. We are also interested in people who are willing to bring change to ensure women get to where they are supposed to be. We are looking for partners that are looking to share skills with female youth.

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